Silence in the Snow

The screams from the upper floor came muffled through the double-glazed windows, and as the men were still engaged in their own jokes and laughter, they didn’t hear them at first. Kevin Drake was the first who realised the uncharacteristic sounds in the middle of the peaceful woods. He turned to Josh with a “Shush!” on his lips, and, finally, they could hear Maggie Dawes’ cries in the silence of the mountains.

Kevin Drake grabbed Josh’s arm and both men sprinted inside, running up the stairs to Maggie Dawes’ room as quickly as possible. With all his weight against the bedroom door, Kevin Drake smashed the door in, and the sight of what was behind it was too much to comprehend at first. It took him several painful seconds to make sense of the scene in front of him. Fighting against a feeling that made him instantly sick , his mind, body, and soul had to take in what was incomprehensible.


About PB Down

Queen of Tongue in Cheek who likes to write about relationships and everything that's involved with them. Men and Women are like water and oil, right? Sometimes they can even be more explosive! But as bad as it gets, a bit of humour always helps. My new series on BigWorldNetwork is The Worst Feeling Ever and it's my first rather serious piece but hope you like to explore the story every Wednesday!

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