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Admittedly, I have been lazy lately when it comes to writing but with a good reason and it is not writers’ block. The ideas were floating and I am working on my next novel set in the 90s but the reason for my silence is that I got married and everybody who has organised a wedding before knows that even if you want to keep it minimalistic, it never stays that way and suddenly you can’t think about anything else than invitations, order of service, tealight holders matching to the right colour of napkins apart from the normal craziness of getting all guests as well as the bridal and groom party under one roof! So yes, after all the planning, cake eating and champagne drinking (and the small detail of saying I do), my brain is now back to normal and ready to get creative…



A very warm welcome to my blog!

This website will be my new home to present my short stories and hopefully to present my novels in the near future.

Patty Down is my pen name for my fictional writing. Here on That’s Life I want to present my stories in German and English. I would be very happy about any critique (as long as it is constructive!) and would love to meet new friends and fans!

My real name is Patricia Birungi and I am a published author and academic in communications and media. I am originally from Vienna but I now live in London. My book about racism in media has been published in German in 2007 and is available on Amazon [Rassismus in Medien: Jean Baudrillards Das Bild geht dem Realen voraus oder wie die Konstruktion von Rasse und Image unsere Sicht- und Denkweise beeinflusst, Lang, Peter Frankfurt; Auflage: 1., Aufl. (Januar 2007)]

My other blogs focus on cultural studies, popular culture, media, racism as well as tv and movies and are also available on wordpress:


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