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Kevin Drake and Maggie Dawes share a well-hidden secret. Is it the reason that Kevin Drake has become an emotionally unavailable playboy and Maggie Dawes is afraid of starting a new future?

Silence in the Snow

The screams from the upper floor came muffled through the double-glazed windows, and as the men were still engaged in their own jokes and laughter, they didn’t hear them at first. Kevin Drake was the first who realised the uncharacteristic sounds in the middle of the peaceful woods. He turned to Josh with a “Shush!” on his lips, and, finally, they could hear Maggie Dawes’ cries in the silence of the mountains.

Kevin Drake grabbed Josh’s arm and both men sprinted inside, running up the stairs to Maggie Dawes’ room as quickly as possible. With all his weight against the bedroom door, Kevin Drake smashed the door in, and the sight of what was behind it was too much to comprehend at first. It took him several painful seconds to make sense of the scene in front of him. Fighting against a feeling that made him instantly sick , his mind, body, and soul had to take in what was incomprehensible.


Kevin Drake’s smug facial expression disappeared, and Maggie Dawes could see that she had rubbed salt into his wounds. She looked at him through her eyelashes, waiting for a reaction. It took him a few seconds to get his cool back, but then he just scoffed, “What, of Mr. Boring? I don’t think so. I rather feel sorry for you.”

“Oh good. At least now you know how I feel every time I see you with another blonde bimbo.” She knew that she was provoking him and his reaction left no doubt about that. He grabbed her hand, but before he could give her a coarse response, she looked at him with what must have been terror in her eyes. “You’re hurting me!”

Immediately, he let go of her and seemed to be mortified by himself. Without another word, he rushed to the door, threw it open, and was gone.

Maggie Dawes rubbed her wrist gently, not knowing what to make of what had just happened. So much anger and frustration had been in Kevin Drake’s eyes, but then at the same time, she had seen the same horror the night when it happened.

Maggie Dawes knew that deep inside, underneath the mask of cockiness and arrogance, Kevin Drake was not the coward he pretended to be, but was nothing less than somebody who had lost, just like her.


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The Christian Grey Effect

The latest phenomenon on the book market is the trilogy around the rich and quite demanding business man Christian Grey and his (rather not) girlfriend Anastasia Steel. The two are like chalk and cheese but then opposites attract as we know. The rest has been well discussed in various articles and on tv shows. The infamous Red Room, whips and other “toys” to make Ana the woman Christian desires.

Mummy porn for some but definitely a gold mine for E L James who has become a bestselling author. Sex sells and there is nothing wrong with that but I still can’t help to see the risks that are imminent. I am not saying that a woman can’t enjoy the described intimacy or kind of relationship Christian and Ana share but let’s face it, it’s not everybody’s cup of tea to be chained and spanked by the love of your life. The risk however is that women all over the world think that’s exactly what they have to pretend to enjoy. This might be a liberation gone wrong.

Kevin Drake, the male protagonist of my novel, The Worst Feeling Ever, might appear to be without any feelings but he is a troubled man and deep down he has a hurting that needs to be freed. I am not sure I can say  that this is true for Christian Grey. Maggie Dawes, my heroine, on the other hand is a woman who needs to come to terms with a suffering that started long time ago. But as heartbroken she might be, she is a headstrong person who knows what she wants and what she doesn’t. She would not just do what a man wants to please him.

Still, 50 Shades of Grey is fun to read and that might be the main purpose of a book.

What do you think?

Kevin Drake seems…

… like an emotionally unavailable playboy, only interested in
himself, but to his own surprise, it seems that deep (very deep) down he has
feelings after all, especially for Maggie Dawes, his best friend. How have these
two people, who seem to have nothing in common, become so attached to each
other? Maggie may or may not return Kevin’s feelings, but whether or not Kevin
earns himself a happy ending will be entirely up to him.

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